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Decoration construction will always encounter such things, some people like spring breeze, some people into the ice cave& ldquo; Beijing chick ” The decoration project of the home is still going on, and now it has reached the stage of bricklaying. I don't know what kind of story will happen

on November 8, 2015, bricklayers entered the site mission start

first fill the slots of hydropower pipelines with cement mortar and fill the holes; Secondly, the kitchen bathroom is coated with waterproof. The bathroom wall is 1.8 meters high and the kitchen is 0.3 meters high. The closed water test is carried out after the waterproof is dried for three times. Bricks are paved at the same time. Bricks in kitchen and bathroom need to be pasted after soaking in water. Floor tiles in other rooms do not need to be soaked in water. Dry paving method is fast and has low hollowing rate. The brick house is like a green field in spring, which suddenly has a lot of vitality

ceramic tile effect on November 11, 2015

the oiler entered the site to do basic work. The tiles are basically finished. See the picture for the effect

on November 14, 2015, youshidai bought it very favorably.

the oiler wet the wall with water first, brush the wall firmly, and apply putty. The external and internal corners are leveled with plaster, plastered with plaster line, and then waiting to dry. Speaking of this, it's easy for the foreman to buy some small things cheaply. Of course, it depends on the foreman's behavior. My foreman is very low-key and introverted. He bought the door stone and gypsum line he needed. Later, he introduced the manufacturer who needed to make artificial marble countertops for the windowsill. After we went to the building materials city to compare prices, it was still much cheaper for the foreman to contact. The original location of the gas meter in my kitchen is inappropriate, which is a waste of space. We found a gas company to change the location of the gas meter. After adjustment, there are pictures. Picture 1 shows the location of the gas meter installed at the end of the small horizontal tube before change, and picture 2 shows the location after change

don't pay the money before receiving the goods on November 14th, 2015

this article is specially used for roast, reminding friends to see that no matter what you buy, if it involves subsequent return and replenishment, such as tiles, flooring, paint, etc., don't settle the payment before you finish, otherwise you can only be manipulated later

he bought meitao ceramics from his family. He placed an order and paid the advance payment during the National Day holiday, and the full payment was settled after delivering bricks on November 1. On November 10, the bricklayer told me that there was a lack of bricks, and I immediately told meitao sales to keep the goods. On November 11, I called again to send bricks, saying that it would be arranged as soon as possible. There was no news all day. I called at 5 p.m. and said that there was no arrangement, so I could only wait for tomorrow. I said yes. Continue to stop work for another day. In the morning of November 12, I called again, and she said again that there was no arrangement, saying that we were in a hurry to get it by ourselves. People at work have no time to get it! She said that she would not send it to her black car friend and share half the fare. I'm speechless now that I'm here to talk about the fare after signing the contract! When can I deliver it? She said on the 14th. I said it would be delivered early on the 14th. Helpless, another day of work stoppage. On the evening of the 13th, I called again to remind you to deliver the goods early on the 14th. At 9:30 on the 14th, my telemarketing was ready to receive the goods, and she said it had been arranged. By 11:30, I hadn't received the goods yet, and I called again. She said to ask the warehouse, but she told me that it wasn't arranged, so I had to wait for the afternoon, which must be delivered in the afternoon. The bricklayer was about to finish his work. Finally, we drove to the warehouse to pick up the goods by ourselves at noon

November 15, 2015 mission completed

the bricklayer has finished his work, and the sediment and garbage in the house have been cleaned out, which looks much better. As a layman, he knocked every tile with a wooden stick. Except for a few walls, the tiles at the fire box were a little empty, and the rest heard the same sound. Most of the internal corners of the wall were leveled with gypsum, and the rest were painted with cement mortar, waiting to be dried. Ing

on November 17, 2015, why is there so many additional items?

today, the supervisor came to inspect and accept the mud wood, and the handsome supervisor kept knocking the tiles with a telescopic stainless steel stick. Individual bricks are hollowed out, and the hollowed out area is less than 20% of the whole brick area, and the overall hollowed out rate is not higher than 5%. The joints are neat and the pointing is symmetrical, and there are no two rows of cut bricks in one wall. The water pouring test of the toilet shows that the drainage slope is qualified and the acceptance is qualified. The supervisor was sent away with high praise, and checked the increase and decrease items with the foreman. Add item 1: my home is an old house. All the walls are eradicated and repainted. All the external corners without plaster lines should be straightened with plaster. There are nine pieces of plaster per meter. There are 102 meters down the whole house, and 1000 yuan to argue with the foreman for half a day. Our contract details include wall surface and top gypsum leveling. Why do we need to pay more for all joint corners? The foreman said that the leveling cannot be straightened, and the straightening needs to be done by plaster. After theorizing for a long time, I didn't bother to ask the supervisor. Seeing that the gypsum line and doorstone bought by the foreman were very cheap, I didn't continue to theorize; Add item 2: 260 yuan per square meter for the toilet floor and 100 yuan for an air duct; Add item 3: cement mortar gypsum coated dumb mouth, 30 meters; Add item 4: if the thickness of cement mortar for the removal of in-situ bricks exceeds 30mm, 5 yuan will be added per square meter; Add item 5: tiling and leveling. The thickness of cement mortar is more than 30mm. For each increase of 10mm, 8 yuan will be added per square meter. Speechless, it also costs money to dismantle, and it also costs money to install. It's all caused by height. The total increase of the whole house is 2700 yuan

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