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The first thing to do after buying a new house is to decorate it, but I can't eat hot tofu in a hurry. If I want to decorate it to the most perfect look in my mind, I still need to clarify some details. Ask yourself these eight questions and think about the answers before you start, so as to ensure that you won't regret after the decoration

1. How long do you plan to live

a house usually needs to live for five or ten years, and there will be different design aspects, so the length of residence needs to be considered. If it is only a house for the first time, or there is another investment plan, then the consideration on decoration will be different

2. What kind of decoration style do you want

blindly copy others' styles, and the results are very different, which is not in line with daily habits. It is suggested to fully communicate with designers or friends with decoration experience, tell them your interests, personality, career and living habits, tell him your expectations and listen to their opinions. Of course, you can also find customized furniture brands to customize the whole house, and the overall style is unified

3. Number of resident members, age, gender

the number of people at home is the basis of the design, including the number of rooms, the number of sanitary baths, and whether it is necessary to set up children's rooms and study, which will vary according to the number of living members. Age and gender will affect the room configuration. For example, the elder room may be arranged in a quieter area

4. Hobbies and leisure activities of residents

the leisure activities of family members on weekdays will also affect the space allocation. For example, I like listening to music, watching family theatres, or often using my home as a venue for family and friends parties. These different needs often affect the space planning

5. Are there any special storage needs

whether there are special collections at home and the number of them will not only affect the design of the storage cabinet. For example, the size of the overall wardrobe, whether it needs to enter the wall, and whether it needs to adopt an open or closed design are all related to the members' respective collections

6. Is the kitchen closed or open

kitchen planning is also very important in small apartment space. Some people may care that the kitchen is not closed, perhaps because they are worried about lampblack or other problems. As long as they can solve the problems according to the consideration points, the space planning can be more flexible

7. What is the demand for sanitary ware

unless the bathroom is not changed, the pattern and configuration of bathroom will also be adjusted due to usage habits and population. For example, does a small house with only one person need two baths? Or is there enough space to plan a bathroom with dry and wet separation

8. Should Feng Shui be considered

in space planning, designers usually design according to the general Feng Shui principles, but if the owner has special needs, such as having to make space configuration according to the orientation set by the feng shui master, it is best to ask in advance to avoid modifying after the decoration is completed, resulting in waste

it is best to discuss the above issues with your family, summarize everyone's needs for life details, and then decorate it. In this way, the house installed must be the most satisfactory in your own and family's mind




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