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The cement tile has good water absorption. When it rains, there will be a new anti-corrosion material on the surface of the cement tile, and it will continue to thicken. The longer the time, the more anti-corrosion materials will be absorbed on the top of the tile

everyone may know about cement tiles. Cement tiles have a variety of colors, long service life and low price. It is mainly used in ordinary houses, but also suitable for waterproof and heat insulation of high-end villas and high-rise buildings, so it is favored by many consumers. The following editor will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of cement tiles

advantages of cement tiles

1, rich colors, using cement and stones

2, long service life, cheap price

3, rough surface

disadvantages of cement tiles

1, poor durability, easy color to fall

2, inconvenient construction, poor size

3, low grade

4, easy water leakage

5, heavy quality, increasing the bearing capacity of the roof

6. Do not pave on a gentle slope, Easy to leak

7. High maintenance cost

selection method of cement tiles

1. Appearance

when selecting and purchasing, we should see whether the appearance of cement tiles is flat, not distorted, and whether the political and legal surface is damaged. Just put the tile on a flat place and press it with your hand to know whether it is flat

2. Coloring layer

you can see whether the surface of the cement tile is paint or cement. The cement tile with paint has rich colors and does not change color. When shopping, the former looks at the color layer from the side and the end to have a certain thickness, while the latter is very thin and can see the spray point of the paint

3. Compactness

also depends on whether the density of the cement tile is strong, water permeability resistance and service life. If the cement tile with compactness cannot bear large pressure, if the internal gap is found to be large, the impermeability is very poor. In rainy days, rainwater will seep into the back of the tile and drip, and then seep into the roof

4. Impermeability

when purchasing, you can put the cement tile upside down and add water to the groove for observation. If it is flat and neat, it means that the compactness is good and the material is uniform, otherwise it means that the impermeability is poor

editor's summary: that's all about the advantages and disadvantages of cement tiles. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information




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