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The porch partition is the space connecting the living room at the entrance. Most of the small objects placed at the entrance and exit are stored in the porch, so whether the porch partition is designed to be comfortable directly affects the convenience of the owner's life. In fact, the design of the porch partition can completely combine beauty and practicality. If you are also considering the decoration design of the porch partition, today's article can just help you find inspiration.

the porch is an important part of the living room design now, and most of it is to set up a transitional space in the entrance area, which can provide a good buffer for the outdoor and indoor, and increase the privacy of its occupants, It also has strong decoration; In this case, it has a good feng shui effect. The concept of porch originated in China, but it may be the Feng Shui gentlemen from Hong Kong and Macao who first used it. Porch, the key meaning of mystery, cannot be simply imagined as a specific individual, but a region. There are two ways to partition the porch: hard porch and soft porch

hard porch is divided into: full partition porch, half partition porch

full partition porch

refers to the design of your porch as a whole. From the ground to the top. This kind of porch is designed to block the view

precautions for the design of full partition porch:

1. Will your design affect the natural lighting of the door? This is very important. If this design makes the light of the door dark, it will add to the snake

2. Will this design cause a narrow sense of space? This is also noteworthy. The lighting of the living room porch must be bright, not dim, because most of the living room porch design is without natural light source, so this aspect needs to use more brains. In addition to the interval should use more transparent frosted glass, most of the living room porch has no outdoor natural light, so we need to use indoor light to remedy, such as installing lights

half partition porch

1. The porch referred to may be half or nearly half designed in terms of x-axis or y-axis. This semi partition porch design will reduce the probability of the above matters to a certain extent

2. The semi partitioned porch may also use glass in the transparent part, although it is from the ground to the top, because it is semi partitioned visually. Therefore, it is still classified into the category of semi partition. In addition, the porch must be kept clean and tidy. If there are too many sundries, it will also have an impact on the feng shui of the residence. Moreover, if the porch is messy and dark, the whole room will appear very oppressive, so you can put some Feng Shui things on it

soft porch refers to the area treatment method

ceiling Division: the location of the lobby can be defined by the difference of ceiling shape

wall division: the location of the lobby can be defined by the difference between the wall treatment method and other adjacent walls

ground division: the location of the lobby can be defined by the difference of ground material, color, or height

shoe cabinet Division: the position of the hall can be defined by the length of its horizontal swing in the x-axis direction and its extension in the y-axis direction

appreciation of the effect drawing of the porch partition in the living room

editor's comments: a simple bucket cabinet can make a good transition space between the living room and the entrance, and at the same time, with the help of the power of the porch Feng Shui, drive away all bad luck

editor's comments: the application of shoe cabinet is also the most commonly used design method for the porch partition of modern living room. Combined with people's living habits, it can make people feel more intimate. The woodwork shape above is consistent with the ceiling design entering the door

editor's comments: the corridor design for entering the door can effectively use the whole space to relieve the tension when entering the door. The design of shoe cabinet and porch platform enhances its practicality

editor's comments: fashionable modern living room design, rich sofa background wall and porch partition shape, simple and generous design and soft color matching create a comfortable and casual living space

editor's comments: it is also designed as a porch partition by using the way of shoe cabinet. The super practical design combines with the living habits of modern people to make up for the monotony of space without being abrupt

Xiaobian summary: after reading so much about the design and precautions of the porch partition, everyone is also confident about the creation of their own porch partition, but what kind of porch they want needs to be designed according to their own situation

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