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Can you really "use" Bluetooth? Which level do you use in your life? You might as well test it with Xiaobian

at present, most smart devices in the market are equipped with the function of Bluetooth, but most people say: "Bluetooth in mobile phones is like chicken ribs, tasteless to eat, but a pity to discard". But is it really true? Can you really "use" the function of Bluetooth? Which level do you use in your life? You might as well test it with Xiaobian


file transmission with Bluetooth

at the beginning of Bluetooth design, it was to solve the problem of file transmission. I believe everyone used Bluetooth to transmit music and e-books to each other in those years. Although WiFi and 4G can also transmit files, compared with short-distance large file transmission, Bluetooth transmission speed is much faster, and Bluetooth does not occupy traffic, which is still very advantageous

in a word, the airdrop of iPhone is transmitted through Bluetooth and WiFi. Airdrop can improve the speed of transmitting photos on your LAN. Can you give it a try


listen to/play music with Bluetooth

have you ever been torn off your headphones in a crowded crowd, or are you distressed that you can't wear headphones when exercising? Do you think the volume outside the mobile phone is low and the sound quality is poor, and the stereo is too large to carry

with the continuous upgrading of Bluetooth technology, in addition to transferring files, there are also smart products such as Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth microphones, Bluetooth keyboards, etc. The update of Bluetooth technology is like the continuous updating of intelligent products. We can more clearly feel the trends and changes of the whole consumer electronics industry


open the door with Bluetooth

get rid of the traditional key ring, and the mobile phone is the key to go home

the "remote and easy shaking" of Yale electronic lock realizes the intelligent management of the door. From the perspective of user needs, both the elderly and children can easily master it. With "remote and easy to shake", just click the hidden Bluetooth activation button to wake up the fingerprint lock Bluetooth, and shake it against the door, you can easily open the door of your home, eliminating the trouble of handing over keys

how about it? Do you think it's special!!!! With the continuous upgrading and optimization of Internet of things and Bluetooth technology, more products and functions will come out in the future. Xiaobian also looks forward to introducing more Bluetooth products to you in the future

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