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For owners who have experienced decoration for the first time, finding a decoration company is as troublesome as purchasing building materials. The level and service of decoration companies directly determine the quality of home decoration and the later living effect, so it is very necessary to choose a high-quality home decoration company. But what problems should we pay attention to when choosing and negotiating? What preparations should be made? Wuhan home decoration network editor shares a series of preparations and precautions for finding a decoration company to help you choose a high-quality decoration company

preparation for selecting a decoration company I: review the qualification of the decoration company

when negotiating with the decoration company, we should understand the engineering construction qualification of the decoration company. The decoration company must have the qualification and qualification of decoration engineering construction, and also check the business license of the company. In addition, whether the company has a formal office location, whether it can issue qualified bills and so on, all need to be carefully examined. The level and qualifications of interior designers are directly related to the level of design, so it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the designers of this company. If it is recommended by friends, you can inquire about the company through acquaintances. However, sometimes relatives and friends are not "experts" in this field, and it is inevitable that they will be "misleading", so we still need to know it in person

preparation for choosing a decoration company II: negotiation requires skills

at present, there are roughly two ways of quotation for decoration companies: one is that the owner quotes how much he wants to invest, and the decoration company starts to design and quote according to the requirements of the owner; The other is that the owners put forward specific requirements for room decoration, and the decoration company will report how much it will cost and how to spend the actual owners' requirements. At the beginning of contact with the decoration company, it is best to directly tell the decoration company how much you are going to spend and what effect you want to achieve. If the decoration company agrees to undertake the home decoration project of the owner, it can enter the specific design, quotation and negotiation stage

preparatory work 3 for choosing a decoration company: bargain after determining the design scheme

after the customer and the decoration company reach a preliminary intention, the decoration company should understand the specific requirements of the owner and conduct on-site measurement and evaluation. Then, the company will submit the design drawings and a detailed quotation to the customer, which lists the very specific materials and construction quantities. After the customer gets this material, he should first see whether the design meets his own requirements. After confirming the design scheme, we should carefully examine whether the price and dosage of each item in the quotation are reasonable and appropriate

preparatory work 4 for choosing a decoration company: eliminate omissions in the decoration contract

after confirming the quotation, the formal decoration company will also sign a construction contract or agreement with the owner. In this contract, the owner should pay attention to the following three issues:

1. The specific requirements and completion date of the decoration must be stated in the contract. Some owners did not pay attention to these two points when signing the contract, which clearly laid a "foreshadowing" and "hidden danger" for some decoration companies to make rough products, shoddy goods and delay the construction period. 2. The specific brand or model of the decorative materials used must be indicated in the contract, so as to prevent the decoration company from passing inferior materials off as good ones and confusing fake materials with real ones. 3. The warranty provisions in the contract are essential, and it is necessary to distinguish the responsibility: if it is a quality problem of construction or materials, the decoration company must bear all its responsibilities; In case of improper use by the customer, both parties can negotiate and deal with it, and the responsibility must be distinguished

preparatory work for choosing a decoration company 5: explore the level of the construction team

the quality of decoration depends to a large extent on the quality of the construction team. So before decoration, the owner should also check the level of the construction team of the decoration company. Judging from the current situation, most of the construction teams engaged in home decoration in major cities across the country are outsiders. At present, the degree of electrification of decoration works is very high. Generally, powerful construction teams begin to use electric pumps, nail guns and other tools in order to improve quality and efficiency. Therefore, the owner can judge whether the construction team has the corresponding quality and level from the tools used by the workers





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