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Breakthrough progress has been made in MEMS speakers. The performance is very amazing.

fraunhofer Digital Media Technology Research Institute and Silicon Technology Research Institute jointly developed a MEMS micro speaker. MEMS means micro electro mechanical system, which combines classical semiconductor technology and micro mechanical technology. Therefore, scientists of Fraunhofer Institute are bringing about changes in the field of speakers. The expected rise in 2014 will enable speakers to be manufactured in large scale with silicon materials at low cost like computer chips

the joint development project of Fraunhofer Digital Media Technology Research Institute and Silicon Technology Research Institute - "smart MEMS speakers for mobile applications" has been working together for 3 years to develop chip level speakers with high energy efficiency and complete integration. The silicon technology research institute is mainly responsible for the development and pilot production of piezoelectric micro drive devices, and integrates them into a highly miniaturized intelligent micro system; Digital media technology research institute is mainly responsible for intelligent signal control of micro speakers

at present, the project has made breakthrough progress. The performance of this silicon chip based speaker is amazing: This MEMS speaker is 4mm x 4mm in size and can be ideally integrated into headphones, earrings and hearing aids. As a one-way system, it can cover the entire frequency range of 20 hz-20khz, while typical hifi speakers usually include bass, midrange and tweeter units responsible for high frequencies. For in ear applications, this micro MEMS speaker can achieve a sound pressure of 110dB, equivalent to a noise level about 100 meters away from a jet aircraft

in addition to its small size design, this MEMS speaker also shows amazing advantages of high fidelity and low energy consumption, which is very critical for battery powered devices. Last but not least, this product utilizing MEMS technology enables cost-effective chip manufacturing and large-scale assembly

this MEMS loudspeaker uses piezoelectric film as an active element. When voltage is applied to it, it will deform, and its mechanical deformation will disturb the surrounding air and generate sound waves. The results show that using silicon materials to develop MEMS speakers has many advantages that the oil pump should be repaired at this time. Thanks to modern chip manufacturing technology, the semiconductor material silicon can be processed for ultra-fine structure, which is very suitable for these electronic and mechanical applications, and solves the problems of blank homogenization and uniformity. Silicon material also has high cost-effectiveness

in the future, multiple micro MEMS speakers will be combined to form a multi unit system, and its transmission bandwidth will be further expanded to more than 20kHz. "At that time, our products will meet the high sound quality requirements of the high-end hifi headset market," said Daniel beer, project manager of the digital media technology research institute

Bernhard Wagner, a semiconductor technology expert at Fraunhofer Institute of silicon technology, saw an important development opportunity for the production and manufacturing of MEMS speakers: "in the future, we will adopt new piezoelectric materials with higher energy efficiency and compatible with IC process. This will further reduce product power consumption and achieve mass production of MEMS speakers in all major semiconductor manufacturing plants."

Fraunhofer Digital Media Technology Research Institute and silicon technology research institute publicly released their research results for the first time at the annual conference of German Society for Acoustics (daga) held in Munich, Germany from March 19 to 22

other MEMS speaker manufacturers

(1) usound

currently, the leading piezoelectric MEMS speaker developer in the market is usound of Austria. Usound is the first manufacturer in the world to release piezoelectric MEMS speakers, and made its debut at CES (Global Consumer Electronics Show) in january2018. The piezoelectric MEMS speakers developed by usound for earphones and wearable/EARWEAR products have completed design finalization, capacity ramp up, and the shipment of the first batch of products before mass production. It is expected to achieve mass production in the first quarter of 2018

according to the report of memes consulting, usound has a wide range of partners including: Austria technologie Systemtechnik Ag (at s, Austrian technology and System Technology Co., Ltd.) and isit (who have gained isit's experience in micro system power electronics manufacturing); Institute for electronic music (IEM); STMicroelectronics (STMicroelectronics) makes use of the leading thin film piezoelectric technology (TFP) of STMicroelectronics, and the two sides cooperate in the industrialization and manufacturing of the world's first micro piezoelectric MEMS speaker

(2) audio pixels

the global leader in speaker digitization audio pixels has developed a technology platform that can directly convert digital audio streams into sound waves using MEMS structures rather than traditional speaker components. Digital sound reconstruction (DSR), the foundation of the technology platform, realizes the mass production of audio speakers based on silicon chips, and makes the speakers smaller, thinner, clearer, more energy-efficient, and has better compatibility, which can meet various requirements of modern electronic manufacturing and devices

according to the report of mcmus consulting, audio pixels announced in 2016 that it would select towerjazz, the global professional OEM leader, to mass produce its first generation of high-performance MEMS speaker chips. It is expected that this silicon-based loudspeaker chip will bring a new generation of breakthrough product applications, surpassing the performance indicators and design requirements of global consumer electronics, industrial and medical device manufacturers for acoustic devices. Audio pixels focuses on manufacturing a silicon chip based on MEMS technology. It can not only be used as a fixture of an electronic universal experimental machine, but also a very important component of an independent micro speaker, but also can realize multiple cascading to meet almost all speaker applications

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