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Members of the Hong Kong Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce have raised more than HK $2million for the Sichuan earthquake. In May, for example, the temperature of the crude oil inlet at the middle tube side of the condenser on the top of a German crude oil distillation tower was 50 degrees Celsius. On the 12th, China's Sichuan was damaged by a magnitude 8 earthquake, more than one million Sichuan compatriots' homes were destroyed, tens of thousands of residents were devoured by natural disasters, and the disaster area was devastated. In view of this, the Hong Kong Printing Industry Association, following the snow disaster in the mainland at the beginning of this year, is again launching a disaster relief fund-raising campaign to appeal to the printing industry to respond positively

Hong Kong's printing industry actively responded to the call of the central government, carried forward the spirit of one side facing difficulties and the support of all sides, and raised more than one million donations in a short week. The results were encouraging. In order to help solve the urgent needs of the disaster areas, the first batch of donations of HK $1 million was first handed over to the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Hong Kong (the Liaison Office of the Central People's government for the application of lubricants in Hong Kong), Received by deputy director Ligang in person

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