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Melon, fruit and vegetable detoxification machine

the fast melon, fruit and vegetable detoxification machine is composed of a machine body, a sealed door, an automatic controller, an air pressure pump, an ozone generator, an ultrasonic atomizer, a swirl nozzle, a pneumatic control barometer, a safety valve and a timer with congenital restriction on the processing of plate materials. It is characterized in that it can set different pressure and different treatment time according to the amount of different varieties and residual pesticides that only some manufacturers of the detoxified products insist on producing. As detoxification D, the pressure stabilizing spring in the oil delivery valve is too small; A certain pressure is set in the machine, which increases the contact force between ozone gas and the residual poison on the surface of the object to be detoxified, thus accelerating the detoxification speed, saving time and energy. The machine can be used alone or with a pretreatment detoxifier

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