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Melon seeds used car release September national used car melon seeds price artificial intelligence pricing promotes market standardization reform

original title: melon seeds used car release September national used car melon seeds price artificial intelligence pricing promotes market standardization reform based on a large number of individual responses

original title: melon seeds used car release September national used car melon seeds price artificial intelligence pricing promotes market standardization reform

recently, Based on a large number of individual to individual second-hand car transaction data, melon seed second-hand cars have successively published the "melon seed price" data of second-hand car transactions across the country and in many cities. According to the data, in September 2018, the average contract price of second-hand cars nationwide was 85674 yuan, a slight increase of 1.67% month on month compared with the previous month, and a year-on-year increase of 9.57% compared with September last year, keeping pace with the steady warming trend of the national second-hand car market. Among the popular models traded in the country, fox still leads by a large margin, followed by affordable practical models such as Volkswagen polo and Cruz. The price ranges of the hot transaction model year, year and year are respectively as follows (unit: 10000 yuan):

Fox: 7 7,5.. 0,4.. 6

Volkswagen polo:5 1,5.. 6,4.. 4

Cruz: 6 1,5.. 6,4.. 7

yinglang: 7 3,6.. 4,5.. 5

Harvard h6:7 1,6.. 2,4.. 7

Golf: 10 3,8.. 9,6.. 7

Xuanyi: 7 7,6.. 7,5.. 1

Langyi: 7 0,7.. 0,4.. 6

SAGITTARIUS: 9 5. Conventional regular or short fiber reinforced polymers (PA, PP, pet, ABS, etc.) are used in the cladding molding operation8 9,6.. 3

Carola: 9 7,7.. 0,5.. 1

since this year, the melon seed price of used cars has been published for several months, attracting wide attention from inside and outside the industry. According to the introduction of melon seed used cars, melon seed price is an intelligent pricing system that truly and objectively reflects the value of used cars. Through the application of technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, it has realized the standardized pricing of typical non-standard used cars. It is the basis for the standardized and large-scale development of the used car industry and the mainstream pricing basis for personal used car transactions in the current market

it is reported that since its establishment, Guazi used cars have accumulated genetic data of nearly 7million vehicles and 300million owners and potential buyers. On this basis, Guazi used cars have customized a fair price for each used car based on more than 2000 data dimensions that affect the price of used cars, such as the evaluation results of used car conditions, historical transaction price data, real-time market supply and demand, using artificial intelligence technology, Namely "melon seed price"

compared with the traditional second-hand car transaction mode of lower collection price, higher selling price and layer by layer price increase, the melon seed price provides a transparent and consistent price for individual sellers and individual buyers, and on this basis, it carries out a direct sale transaction without middlemen to earn a price difference, establishing the price trust and industry indicators of second-hand car transactions. The melon seed price, which objectively reflects the vehicle value, has a wide range of application value in the fields of used car financial insurance risk control, new car financial lease residual value estimation, and plays a core role in the new retail ecology of melon seed used cars based on big data and artificial intelligence technology

at the same time, based on a large amount of real transaction data, melon seed price can accurately feed back the overall transaction trend, regional differences, brand and model price trends of the second-hand car industry, provide a very valuable data basis for the government, industry, enterprises and individuals, and have the significance of moving forward or backward to the industry standard level according to the situation. If the layout is not good, it is easy to produce strong current interference and weak current test. Zhangxiaopei, CTO of cheduoduo group, the parent company of Guazi used cars, said that standardized pricing and perfect services can bring users better service experience and industry trust, and also bring practical and effective value to the industry, further accelerate the development of the whole used car industry towards standardization, standardization and service, and boost the reform and reconstruction of the automobile retail industry

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