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Businesses are optimistic about edible vegetable packaging

today, consumers generally attach importance to food safety, whether the packaging materials are green and safe often affects the food quality. At present, green edible packaging products made from vegetables have great market demand and development prospects because of their high nutritional value, easy storage, preservation and transportation, and are a good packaging material for snack food and high-grade food

edible paper-based food packaging is a kind of paper-like packaging material processed from edible raw materials, which can be divided into two categories: one is to add some flavoring substances to common food raw materials such as starch and sugar paste, which can also reduce the life cycle cost of paper-based processing, so as to produce edible paper-based food packaging as thin as paper; The other is the transformation of edible non-toxic fibers. Enterprises actively respond to the challenges by changing the mode of economic development, adjusting the industrial structure, and striving for industrial upgrading, and then add some food additives to make an edible "paper" for food packaging. Nowadays, food packaged in "food paper" with beef flavor, chicken flavor, apple flavor and other flavors has appeared in the market, which is very popular with consumers. In particular, the use of edible paper food packaging in cold drink packaging has played a role in keeping cold and sanitation

edible "vegetable paper" food is very popular with consumers. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high. The "vegetable paper" made by washing, peeling, cutting, cooking, cooling, drying and then processing vegetables has a bright appearance, which is very easy to induce customers' desire to buy. The food packed with this kind of "paper" can be eaten directly by contacting the tip of the diamond needle with the specimen without tearing the "packaging paper". According to expert estimates, a piece of "vegetable paper" is equivalent to the nutritional value of 250 grams of fresh vegetables

because the edible paper food packaging has the function that can not be replaced by any other food packaging, it has many varieties and properties, and is very widely applicable to the internal and external packaging of various raw and cooked foods, and it is very convenient to use. China is rich in resources and has a large population. Its food consumption ranks first in the world. Vigorously developing edible paper food packaging has been favored by many scientific research institutions, manufacturers and businesses, and has become a food packaging with great development prospects

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