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MEMS acceleration sensor: the market continues to grow. The industry is looking forward to a win-win situation.

despite the threat of the international financial crisis this year, the overall market of MEMS (micro electro mechanical system) acceleration sensors has maintained a growth momentum due to the increased acceptance of acceleration sensors by users

market capacity continues to expand

from the perspective of the functions realized by the acceleration sensor, whether it is an internationally renowned brand or an ordinary one, its main function is to realize user interface control, game control, menu browsing and other control functions through tilting, shaking and other actions. At the same time, some customers who focus on software development are developing some derivative functions, such as wireless mouse. In addition, ouyangming said that the acceleration sensor can be combined with its roller hearth quenching furnace for trial production; On december8,2015, other types of sensors (such as gyroscopes) developed applications with better performance. From these new applications, we can see that the development of customers is deepening

in terms of price, the price of acceleration sensor this year has dropped by nearly half compared with the same period last year, from 1. 5% last year The dollar fell below one dollar this year. Such a price level will no longer pose such a big obstacle to the popularization of acceleration sensors as it did in the past. However, because the profit margin of the current products is very low, customers have very strict requirements on the price of components. It should be said that the price of acceleration sensors is not very cheap now, and its cost will account for a single digit percentage of the overall cost of the low end

new applications emerge in endlessly

the acceleration sensor only outputs the action and other related data, and how to make good use of these data is crucial. We see that acceleration sensors need to be combined with gyroscopes, pressure sensors and other types of sensors, as well as the corresponding application software, in order to develop attractive applications

there are some games in applestore that have a very high download rate, such as "rolling steel ball". This game is very suitable for the public, and the acceleration sensor plays a role. For another example, the wireless mouse developed by the acceleration sensor combined with the gyroscope is a very promising application. At this year's CCBN exhibition, STMicroelectronics demonstrated similar applications, and I personally experienced such new applications. Although the effect of such applications still needs to be improved, at least this is an attempt. At present, there are also Chinese companies working in this direction. In addition, the combination of acceleration sensor and pressure sensor can develop new application fields such as fitness application

more and more MEMS products will be used in medical electronic products. The MEMS Department of Italy France semiconductor has now been renamed "MEMS healthcare". From the name of this department, we can see that we attach great importance to MEMS and medical electronics. Last year, STMicroelectronics released the prototype design of disposable insulin nano pump integrating our MEMS production technology, which can be applied to the treatment of diabetes

in medical electronics, our strategic plan is to make the sensor into an intelligent sensor, and the acceleration sensor is one of the elements. For the demand of portable medical devices, in addition to sensors, power management modules, data processing devices and low-power wireless interfaces are also required. STMicroelectronics has strong power management product technology, sensor technology and MCU. At present, we are developing low-power ZigBee and Bluetooth products to meet the data transmission needs of portable medical devices for a long time, which is our key development direction

chip enterprises and third-party developers should complement each other

the software development of MEMS products is very important, so I think the living space of third-party developers is still very large. Because there are many Chinese enterprises, the market demand is very large. At present, there are not many successful third-party enterprises in the market because of the process of investment and accumulation. Moreover, the ecological chain needs to make money through ISP, which makes the profit cycle of enterprises longer

from the perspective of chip enterprises, we hope to establish a win-win mode with third-party developers to clamp the standard tensile samples with corresponding force values on the experimental machine. Third party developers can help us meet customers' needs in software development, and we can help third-party developers introduce more cooperative customers. It should be said that the current market development is benign, and it is easier to negotiate and cooperate now than a year ago. We hope that more third-party developers will enter this field in the market

in terms of specific division of labor, chip companies mostly provide algorithms based on different behavior modes, and these algorithms can be used to control behavior. The quality of these algorithms is ultimately reflected in the accuracy, sensitivity and user experience of the application software. The third-party developers are more efficient in the development of specific application software. In addition, they are also responsible for helping customers transplant and debug application software, which is difficult for chip companies to do

before this cooperation mode matures, third-party developers also study algorithms. However, the algorithm is provided to third-party developers by chip companies, and it will be better to cooperate with them to realize the control experience of the game or user interface. After clarifying the division of labor, the two sides can realize complementary advantages. We have algorithm engineers who can develop corresponding algorithms for new behavior; Third party developers can propose novel solutions based on their understanding of IDH (independent design company) and the needs of end customers, such as new games, new user interfaces and standby mode concepts. For third-party developers, developing new bright applications is the key to winning the market

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