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Modern avant-garde style deduces alternative life; Modern simple style advocates fashion and nature; Elegant style reappears elegance and warmth; New Chinese style evokes nostalgic thoughts; Neo classical style embodies nobility; European classical style creates gorgeous. Experts interpret the current fashion trend and decoration style for you. Let's have a look

modern avant-garde style deduces alternative life

modern avant-garde style that highlights itself and publicizes personality more than simplicity has become people's first choice in home design. Unconventional spatial deconstruction, bold and sharp contrast color layout, as well as the combination of rigid and soft material selection, all make people seek a surreal balance in coldness. With the gradual maturity of the "1980s" and the emergence of new people, we have reason to believe that modern avant-garde design style will not decline, but will be more unexpected and eye-catching in content and form

expert interpretation: this style emphasizes personal personality and preferences, but when designing, you should pay attention to your own lifestyle and behavior habits, and don't be flashy

modern simple style advocates fashion and nature.

for many young people, the pressure of career and cumbersome entertainment make them need a simpler environment to give their body and mind a space to relax. It is the first requirement that many consumers put forward when facing home designers to make freedom free from the restrictions of load-bearing walls. In the process of decoration, relatively simple technology and low cost have been accepted by many working-class people

expert interpretation: the texture of materials is very important for minimalism. If you are too hasty in selecting materials, then the minimalist style can easily become a simple design. It can be said that the investment in material selection of modern simple style decoration is often no less than the capital expenditure of the construction part

elegant style reproduces elegance and warmth

if you like European classical romance, but don't want to be bound by noble trivia; If you like simple and capable, but think it is not elegant enough, lack of warmth, then you might as well try elegant design

elegance is a design method that has just risen in recent years and has been quickly accepted by consumers, especially for friends in the literary and art circles and education circles

expert interpretation: the spatial layout is close to the modern style, while the specific interface form and wiring method are close to neoclassical. In terms of material selection, attention should be paid to the harmony of colors

the new Chinese style evokes nostalgic thoughts

the new Chinese style inherits the essence of the home furnishing concept of the Tang Dynasty and the Ming and Qing Dynasties in its design, refines and enriches the classic elements therein, changes the feudal thoughts of hierarchy, dignity and inferiority in the original spatial layout, and injects a new atmosphere into the traditional home furnishing culture

it is not rigid but solemn, pays attention to quality but avoids unnecessary harshness, which constitutes the unique charm of the new Chinese style

expert interpretation: most of them are Chinese products and Western furnishings. Most of the wood materials are imitation rosewood and red sandalwood. The relationship between space is quite different from European style, and more attention is paid to the reference and penetration of space

neoclassical style embodies nobility

"scattered form and concentrated spirit" is the main feature of neoclassical style. While paying attention to the decorative effect, it restores the classical temperament with modern techniques and materials. The neoclassical style has the dual aesthetic effect of classicism and modernity. The perfect combination also gives people spiritual comfort while enjoying material civilization. It is undeniable that neoclassical is a typical representative of fusion style, but this does not mean that neoclassical design can use modern elements arbitrarily, let alone the stacking of two styles and their products

expert interpretation: pay attention to the collocation of lines and the proportional relationship between lines. A good set of neoclassical home works depends more on the choice of wiring and materials

European classical style creates gorgeous

as a product of the European Renaissance, classical design style inherits the luxurious, dynamic and changeable visual effects of Baroque style, and also absorbs the aesthetic and rhythmic details of Rococo style, which is favored by the upper class of society. Especially in the classical style, the noble, elegant and luxurious design philosophy is deeply revealed, which has also become a portrayal of these successful people enjoying happiness and their conceptual life

expert interpretation: classical style emphasizes the independence of space in design, and the choice of wiring is much more complex than neoclassical style. The investment in material selection, construction and accessories is relatively high, many times that of other styles of the same grade, so the classical style is more suitable for larger villas and homesteads, rather than smaller house types




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