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Yuyajunyuan community is called "private residence above the park", which is due to its beautiful green space environment and developed business environment. Today, Xiaobian recommends a set of modern simple decoration renderings of two rooms and two halls in Yuya Junyuan. Simple and generous modern simple style plus charming community environment. There is really a super perfect enjoyment beyond the city

decoration owner's files:

Community: yuyajun Garden (more yuyajun garden decoration renderings) house type: two bedroom and two hall decoration style: modern simple decoration method: all inclusive contract amount: 50000-100000 decoration company: Lugong mansion decoration

Design Description: decoration is annoying and happy. Although decoration will always leave many regrets, it is generally satisfied. Every day after work, I rush home and bury myself in my favorite kitchen to manage the stomach of the whole family. Although the house is small, it has all kinds of internal organs, and its functions are enough to ensure

the entrance location, the arched corridor design is based on the Mediterranean style, and the futon and wall clock on the ground are borrowed from surfing and diving at ordinary times. I like them very much

in the dining room, in fact, the mosaics on the original column are the most expensive part of the whole wall, but the paving effect is good, and my heart is balanced

I like small and fresh, so the furniture is basically white and monochrome, and the plants look comfortable. The location of the kitchen and the range hood still chose side suction after thinking for a long time

is my daughter's room full of toys very warm, which can be regarded as a pity to make up for my childhood

the shower area in the bathroom is also circular arc. Although the tiles are mosaic, they are also small and fresh mosaic, which complement the environment of the real room

yuyajun garden two bedroom two hall house type map

yuyajun Garden community introduction

yuyajun garden is located on Zhongshan Avenue, the main road in the city center. Relying on the only open park in Qiaokou area, beside Qiaokou Park, it enjoys a green and low-carbon life, quiet in the midst of trouble, and unlimited comfort. It can be called a "private mansion on the park". It is the only fully functional smart apartment in Qiaokou center. The 26 storey high-rise residential building will become a landmark property in Qiaokou area. The project has convenient transportation. It faces Chongren road in the East, Jiefang Avenue and Jinghan Avenue in the north, Zhongshan Avenue in the south, adjacent to light rail line 1, and several bus lines reach three towns

[Xiaobian comments] after looking at this modern style decoration case of yuyajun garden with two bedrooms and two halls, do you think that even irregular house types can be transformed into such a beautiful and practical home through later transformation? If you want to decorate your home like this or make it more beautiful, sign up for the decoration bidding quickly, get 3 decoration effect plans for free, and let professional designers help you design plans for free. Free on-site room measurement




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