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After buying the house, it will be decorated. For the white-collar people who pursue a refined life, the decoration style also has an unusual preference. Which decoration styles do white-collar workers mainly like this year

the reporter learned that the decoration style welcomed by white-collar workers this year is still simple style, pastoral style and new romantic style. Senior designer Miss Ruan said that the main keywords of white-collar decoration include simplicity, economy and romantic literature and art

first, white-collar decoration 2 keywords

keyword 1: simple and natural

simple and natural decoration style is preferred by many professional white-collar workers. Miss Ruan said: “ This is because white-collar workers generally pay attention to the versatility of early construction, and pay more attention to personalized accessories in the later stage, which embodies comfort and environmental protection, and shows their personal taste of life. So what they pursue is a simple and primitive mental state, hoping to make the stressful work life relaxed and pure through the natural and simple style of home

in terms of specific layout, you can make the home decoration as simple as possible, because a lot of things will upset people's mood. Or try using a pure warm yellow paint tone with your favorite mural, which can bring a little surprise in purity. Or, try the simple style brought by black-and-white collocation, because black-and-white gray is an eternal popular color. It is clean and will appear quiet without noise

similar to the simple style, white-collar workers also like the pastoral style that is closer to nature. In the choice of furniture, we should pay more attention to the quality of furniture, exquisite details, meaningful taste, and the comfort that furniture can bring to their lives on the premise of paying attention to applicability

keyword 2: romantic and simple

in the face of busy life, white-collar workers also particularly want to have a romantic and literary style of home decoration. Neo romanticism is one of the feelings pursued by young people now, which emphasizes the contrast with strength and edge. For example, the master room adopts Korean style layout, romantic broken flower bedding, fabric lampshade chandelier, pink blue wardrobe &hellip& hellip; These are full of romantic petty bourgeoisie

at the same time, home colors emphasize elegance and softness, mainly white and light beige, and are embellished with bright colors; The kitchen is mainly European style, breaking the functional design restrictions of the kitchen

as for the display of literature and art, ancient elements are one of the good annotation tools. The organic combination of modern elements and ancient elements has a relatively long vitality compared with the popular style of home decoration that has changed in three to five years

of course, for white-collar working-class groups, saving without extravagance and waste is also a factor that must be considered. When white-collar workers decorate their homes, due to working hours, they often use large packages of decoration and don't bother themselves, which is easy to give some decoration teams the opportunity to cheat. Miss Ruan reminded that in order not to waste a penny, white-collar workers should always check the engineering materials and quality even if they contract when decorating, and never be shopkeepers

II. Three precautions for white-collar decoration

after determining the decoration style, what should be paid attention to in white-collar decoration? Mr. Song of Dongguan home decoration city gives you a few tips:

1: too many spotlights are installed

first of all, in today's home decoration, many people pursue the brilliance brought by lighting, so they install spotlights as much as possible. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding. Although these spotlights seem to have a small wattage, they accumulate a lot of heat and generate high temperature in a short time. Over time, they are prone to fire and bring potential safety hazards. Moreover, these spotlights are actually of little use in real life, so we should adhere to the principle of less spotlights

2: there is no one-step approach

secondly, it is best to achieve the decoration project in one step. For some projects that should be completed at the same time, white-collar workers sometimes save time and wait until later, which is also a big misunderstanding. After moving, decoration will affect future life. These projects were not completed in time, because there were too few projects to invite construction teams, and even if they were invited, they would have to pay a high price. Such a drag, in fact, brings a lot of trouble. Therefore, when decorating, don't leave “ Tail &rdquo

3: pay the balance in advance

finally, don't worry about paying all the project funds to the decoration team after the project is completed. Because from the surface of home decoration, it is often difficult to find problems. Only after living in it can we find the problems of materials and construction quality. If the construction company is not paid in full at this time, the construction company will come to repair the quality problem once it is found. If they don't come, they can pay for maintenance from the balance. Therefore, it is suggested: “ The contract should be signed before the construction, and the project funds should be paid one by one according to the progress. After the completion, a sum of money acceptable to both parties should be left as the quality deposit& rdquo;

through this article, we learned about the decoration ideas of white-collar workers. Did you think about your decoration? If you want to know more about it, please pay attention to the decoration information channel





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