India's world's cheapest mobile phone manufacturer

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The head of ringtone, an Indian mobile phone manufacturer that claims to sell the cheapest mobile phones in the world, was arrested for fraud

mohit goer was arrested after a distributor company claimed that it had not received the paid mobile phone

this "freedom 251" mobile phone, priced at 251 rupees (about US $3.7), was pre sold in February 2016

however, after many customers received their mobile phones, ring company was accused of failing to deliver in full

dealer Ayan said that after goer persuaded him to distribute the phone, the company ordered goods worth 3million rupees (about 45000 US dollars). But in the end, only 1.4 million rupees were received

police spokesman Rahul Srivastava confirmed to the BBC that mohit goer had been arrested. "There have been many similar allegations in other places. We hope to thoroughly investigate this case," he said

"it is very important for us to expose these fraud tricks. Innocent people will no longer be cheated with their hard-earned money. Technology fraud is increasing. I hereby call on people to pay attention to avoid falling into such traps before buying."

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