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Zhongwei 12345 citizen Call Center unveiled at 9:00 a.m. on October 27, the launching ceremony of Zhongwei 12345 government service platform was held in block a, Zhongwei Park, Zhongguancun. At the launching ceremony, yuanshiming, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Zhongwei Municipal Committee and vice mayor, and guoaidi, Secretary General of the municipal government, unveiled the 12345 citizen call center of Zhongwei City, and jointly pressed the launch ball with relevant leaders of two counties and one district of Zhongwei city. The 12345 government service platform of Zhongwei city was officially launched. On behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, yuanshiming delivered a speech, congratulating and thanking all departments at all levels and staff who have made positive contributions to the construction and opening up. He hoped that the call center would speed up the formation of a strong joint force in the handling of 12345 government services, strive to build 12345, and find a new brand of government services for the people

12345 government affairs construction is a major livelihood project and popular feeling project determined by the government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and it is also a new government affairs platform for Zhongwei city to create public satisfaction, social recognition and efficient service. It has integrated 22 items from 19 Departments (units), completed the collection of knowledge base information, and established a work order transfer and push system covering two counties and one district and all departments directly under the municipal government, which has effectively saved social public resources, unblocked the channel for people's demands, improved the efficiency of government services, and become an important bridge and link between the government and the people

present at the 123 micromotor hydraulic universal experimental machine: 45 government service launching ceremony were wangguixin, Deputy Secretary General of Zhongwei municipal Party committee and director of the supervision office, Li Bin, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government and director of the government service center, guoyufeng, member of the Standing Committee of Haiyuan County Committee and deputy county head, chenzhenggang, deputy county head of Zhongning County, sunjiaji, deputy district head of Shapotou District, lichangrong, deputy director of the municipal government service center, etc. The relevant principals of the municipal government office, the political and Legal Affairs Commission of the municipal Party committee and other departments also attended the launching ceremony with the sensor of the S-type experimental machine as an example

introduction to Zhongwei 12345 citizen call center

since the construction of Zhongwei 12345 citizen call center was officially launched in July this year, the construction of Zhongwei 12345 government service platform has been smoothly promoted with the strong support of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and relevant units. Adhering to the people's demand orientation, we formulated the implementation plan for the construction and operation of 12345 government services in Zhongwei city and accelerated the construction of a service platform on the basis of learning from advanced experience and practices, on-the-spot investigation and research, and soliciting opinions and suggestions from relevant departments. Build and decorate the public call center. The construction and decoration plan of the citizen call center was formulated. The decoration project was started on September 8 and has been basically completed. Recruit and train telephone operators. In the form of public bidding, the bid winning company was entrusted to recruit 21 telephone operators with college degree or above and standard Mandarin. 19 units were invited to arrange business backbones for teaching. They completed military training, etiquette, basic business knowledge and other trainings and entered the work post. Establish a knowledge base system, collect and sort out the business knowledge of each department, and input 2040 pieces of information from 18 departments (units). Accelerate the construction of networking platforms. Led by the municipal cloud computing and big data service bureau, the 12345 government service network platform was built. At present, Zhongwei 12345 government service station has been completed, 40 telephone agent computers and earphones have been installed and debugged, the government service operation process is being developed and debugged, and the official account and app work order push system are being promoted. Test run the calling service. On September 27, the 12345 government service call service of Zhongwei city was put into trial operation. During the trial operation, the concrete must be broken. The group received 1986 effective calls from LianZhan Technology Co., Ltd., which is headquartered in Taiwan, 954 direct replies and 1032 transfers

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