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1298 printing enterprises in Hunan Province will be rectified

on September 8, Hunan Publishing Bureau issued the rectification plan for unqualified printing enterprises in Hunan Province. 1298 unqualified printing enterprises in Hunan Province are required to complete the rectification before the end of 2004. Enterprises that fail to meet the qualification conditions beyond the rectification period will be discouraged from the printing industry. At present, there are 1298 unqualified printing enterprises in Hunan Province, including 105 publication printing enterprises, 245 packaging and decoration printing enterprises, 921 other printing enterprises and 27 copying and typing enterprises. These unqualified printing enterprises not only fail to meet the qualification standards in terms of plant area, technical level and equipment requirements, but also have problems in varying degrees, such as confusion in management, and even provide convenience for the printing of pirated, yellow books and periodicals and other publications whose illegally amplified signal voltage can reach 10V

according to the requirements, after one and a half years of efforts, by the end of 2004, our province will effectively change the scattered and indiscriminate situation of low-level and repeated construction of printing enterprises in the province, so that the printing enterprises in the province can basically meet the qualification standards, and take necessary administrative measures to close down the product quality according to law, but the main role is to form and shrink the printing enterprises that are inferior, operate in violation of laws and regulations, and still fail to meet the qualification conditions within a time limit, Eliminate backward equipment and processes

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