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The "12th Five Year" energy plan urges the employment demand of the chemical energy industry. It is reported that the preparation of China's "12th Five Year" energy plan is about to start in an all-round way. The 12th Five Year Plan will highlight six major priorities: optimizing the energy structure, adjusting the layout of the energy industry, promoting energy science and technology innovation, improving the energy macro-control system, deepening energy system reform, and further establishing a policy standard system for sustainable energy development

"with the emergence of a series of favorable factors such as the country's increasing emphasis on green GDP, new energy incentive policies and new environmental protection standards, the demand for talents in the new energy industry will continue to grow." The manager of the chemical talent agency under the talent Alliance said that recently, the demand for talents in new energy industries such as wind energy and solar energy continues to rise, and a large number of talents are needed in wind power, hydropower, solar power generation, biological power generation and other industries

in the first half of 2009, China's new energy enterprises developed rapidly, and there is a great momentum to complete the ten-year work in one year. On the one hand, the enterprise took advantage of the "east wind" of the policy to expand the scale of the enterprise. On the other hand, the supply of new energy talents did not keep up with the pace of market share development when the enterprise encountered competition, resulting in a small imbalance between supply and demand. For a time, "talent hunting" became the top priority of the HR Department of energy enterprises

according to the statistics of chemical talents, seven types of talents will become the most popular among enterprises: first, R & D engineers with product and technology R & D experience and technical support engineers who can provide pre-sales and after-sales technical services and have certain sales skills. These two types of talents have always been the most popular among enterprises; Secondly, there are laboratory analysts of energy and environmental protection and project managers who have many years of project experience and can independently lead the team; Finally, there are quality and safety engineers. It is difficult to determine the applicable performance of fixtures. Electrical engineers graduated from control, automation and information technology, as well as equipment design, audit and maintenance talents, will also be favored by enterprises

looking at the above characteristics of talent seeking, it is not difficult to find that they all have one thing in common: they prefer middle and high-end talents with certain work experience. It is a common phenomenon that enterprises prefer job seekers with work experience, but this phenomenon is particularly obvious in the current energy talent market. Why does this happen

"The solar energy and wind energy industry has developed rapidly. From 2008 to the first half of 2009, it was at the peak of recruitment. However, in the second half of 2009, there was excessive investment, especially in the polysilicon industry, an upstream industry of solar energy. The state is adjusting its control to curb excess capacity caused by disorderly investment. Therefore, some changes have taken place in the solar energy and wind energy recruitment market in the second half of the year. Enterprises have changed the previous situation of wanton recruitment and prefer Youfeng Middle and high-end talents with rich work experience and background. " According to the analysis of the acting manager, it is slightly different from new energy's preference for talents with certain work experience. Although traditional energy has been in a period of rapid growth due to market reasons, the traditional energy in the Chinese market is basically a national monopoly, so it is not very open in the recruitment of talents. As a result, the impact of the experimental machine industry is no exception, and the recruitment of the talent market is becoming colder. The main group is facing fresh graduates of the industry

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