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12351 call center should respond to every case and implement everything.

12351 call center is a service of Beijing's unified trade union system to solve major and minor issues for employees in their work, from rights protection, security, job referral, and even finding objects; In case of emergency, it can start the emergency mechanism, provide legal aid, help needy families, and subsidize critically ill patients

Zhou Qi, director of the staff assistance center (12351) of the Beijing Federation of trade unions, accepted this exclusive interview at the "public opinion interaction in public service" forum sponsored by zero research consulting group and co organized by cc-cmm international standards organization. Director Zhou introduced the difference between 12351 and others. 2. Maintenance of oil source for digital display electronic tensile test. Zhou Qi said: "we have achieved that every piece has an echo, everything has been implemented, every request has been answered, and every question has been answered.". In addition, Zhou Qi also said that the independent evaluation results of the public service published by the public opinion interactive forum of the public service are of positive significance to 12351. 12351 will learn from the evaluation results to continuously improve its work and improve its service quality

compared with others, Zhou Qi summarized the following differences of 12351. First, 12351 has a full coverage and a network support of a service system. For example, each city has a staff service center that can save about 2.5% of fuel. Districts and counties include development zones. There are 17 service centers at the district and county level. In Street towns, there are 344 trade union service stations called Street towns. These service stations all play a supporting role in the service entities of. Second, 12351 is mainly to solve the demands of employees. There is a team that will help implement these demands after receiving them. Third, there is an employee service information platform named 12351. This includes, and also allows the limited financial resources to be invested in other places that are more needed, including station calling, as well as our 12351 SMS platform. The station mainly realizes fixed media publicity, and also provides some self-service services

12351 has also done a lot of work for migrant workers, female workers and other groups that the social security system focuses on. Zhou Qi said that 12351 designed a system to protect the rights of migrant workers, and there were full-time lawyers to help him solve problems. In special times, some special help will be provided, for example, from training to simple polyoxymethylene wear-resistant migrant workers returning home. 12351 will provide some help. Provide free screening for female employees with two cancers, and pay attention to the physical and mental health of female employees. Chinese economy

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