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XCMG's 13 road machinery products participated in the exhibition, and 9 of them made their debut in Nanjing on November 30. The 9th Bauma China 2018 exhibition kicked off at Shanghai New International Expo Center on November 27. As the traditional strategic advantage plate of XCMG group, XCMG road machinery made its debut with 13 road machinery products

XCMG xs365ai, the largest tonnage intelligent compaction product in China

among the 13 machines perpendicular to the axis of XCMG road in this exhibition, many "generation D5" series products came in heavy attack, of which 9 were displayed for the first time. In the field of compaction where XCMG has traditional advantages, the xd135 double steel wheel vibratory roller specially designed for the compaction of high-grade asphalt pavement breaks the traditional concept of high-frequency small diameter or low-frequency large diameter for the first time, and uses high-frequency large-diameter compaction rollers. The compaction efficiency is increased by 20%, and the whole machine has reached the international advanced level. Also noteworthy is the xs365ai unmanned single steel wheel roller, which is the most cutting-edge in the industry and the world's largest tonnage. This product comes down in one continuous line with XCMG xs395, the world's largest tonnage roller. It has a self-determination and unmanned control system, as well as the industry's largest compaction impact depth (greater than 2 meters), maximum compaction width (2400mm), super fault self diagnosis capability, and GPS remote intelligent management capability, Relying on the ultra-high reliability and super clamping samples (which need to be equipped with extensometers and the compaction capacity of extensometers), it is the first choice for dam stone filling and super large filling projects. It is an advanced vibratory compaction product in the industry at present.

XCMG gr3505 grader, known as the "crown Pearl", is another leading brand of XCMG Road, known as the "crown pearl" XCMG gr3505 grader has also become the focus. The product has nearly 20 independent core technologies and can work continuously in extreme environments such as -40 ~ +55 ℃, high altitude above 5000m, extreme cold and extreme heat. Once launched, it quickly seized the domestic market while breaking the international monopoly, successfully won the batch orders of BHP Billiton in Australia, and ended the history of "foreign mines without China"

in addition, the world's leading xp305s tire roller, XCMG's epoch-making rp1855 paver, the xm200kii milling machine that broke the monopoly in North America, the xmr603 vibratory roller and xm503k milling machine suitable for municipal urban and rural construction, the intelligent and humanized acs4000 intelligent control system for asphalt mixture, and the new generation of Gr2 are called abetting grating 205 grader, xlz2303s cold recycling machine, xf1003sv super stick wear seal car The xzj5183tyh asphalt pavement microwave curing vehicle and other complete sets of exhibits of the three series of subgrade leveling and compaction, pavement paving and compaction, and complete sets of pavement maintenance equipment also appeared in the exhibition one by one

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