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On April 28, the 2021 high level Forum on digital industry with the theme of embracing digital industry and creating an intelligent future was held in Qingdao. Zhaohaozhi, deputy secretary of the CPC Qingdao Municipal Committee and mayor of Qingdao Municipal People's government, attended the forum and delivered a speech. He said that Qingdao has released 1300 industrial interconnection enabling scenarios and accelerated the promotion of industrial interconnection enabling thousands of industries

Qingdao is an important industrial city in China. Household appliances, automobile manufacturing, textiles and clothing, rail transit and other industrial categories have formed a good industrial foundation and competitive advantages, and bred a number of international enterprises and brands such as Haier, Hisense, Tsingtao beer, CRRC Sifang, etc

in recent years, Qingdao has seized the opportunity of the development of digital economy, carried out in-depth three-year industrial interconnection, vigorously promoted the industrial endowment Qingdao action plan, and accelerated the construction of an industrial interconnection city

in specific practice, Qingdao pays attention to the driving role of industrial Internet platforms. 3 Turning on computers and printers, Haier Kaos industrial interconnection platform has been the first in the country's cross industry and cross field industrial interconnection for two consecutive years. Haier central air conditioning has been selected as the lighthouse factory of global industrial interconnection due to its relaxation of the experimental time of the experimental machine. 43 industrial interconnection platforms in the fields of textile, clothing, rubber tires and so on are being accelerated to be popularized and applied

at the same time, Qingdao also pays attention to the expansion of scenarios, and is also very unified. 1 it has released 1300 industrial enabling scenarios, and accelerated the promotion of industrial interconnection to enable thousands of industries. Focus on digital transformation. The digitalization rate of production equipment in Qingdao has exceeded 50%. The two industrial clusters of smart home appliances and rail transit have been selected as the national advanced manufacturing industry. Digital technology has put wings on Qingdao's industrial development

zhaohaozhi said that Qingdao will unswervingly strengthen its industry, promote the all-round digital transformation of the city, and accelerate the construction of a modern international metropolis

first, focus on building the world's industrial interconnection capital, support helcaos to build an internationally leading industrial interconnection platform, focus on building 15 industrial platforms such as smart furniture and smart port, accelerate the implementation of digital, networking and intelligent transformation of more than 1000 industrial enterprises, and actively explore the construction of multi City Industrial interconnection platform in China

second, focus on improving the innovation and development ability of enterprises, accelerate the expansion of the scale of new generation information technology, big data, artificial intelligence and other digital industries, focus on gathering a number of leading enterprises, implement a number of industrial projects, support the specialized development of enterprises, and cultivate more digital industries

third, focus on creating a superior industrial development ecology, speed up the construction of new infrastructure such as big data centers, accurately formulate digital economy talent policies, give full play to the role of 20billion yuan industrial interconnection fund, build a global venture capital center, and support and guide more financial resources to participate in the development of digital economy and industrial interconnection in Jiaodong economic circle and even the whole province

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