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On May 15, 2012, the 12366 call center tax service integrated platform newly created by Chongqing IRS was officially put into operation. Over the past two years, the 12366 call center tax service integrated platform has built a bridge between the national tax department and taxpayers, widened the channels for tax law publicity, improved the tax service level and information processing efficiency of the national tax system, and achieved remarkable results in improving the tax service system, improving tax compliance, and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of taxpayers

on March 10, 2014, the Tax Service Office of the State Administration of Taxation of the northern New Area

Xiao Wang, who was responsible for answering the 12366 call center tax service, recalled his previous work status and seemed to be a little uncomfortable

Xiao Wang's unit is responsible for the national tax collection and management services for 13000 taxpayers in the jurisdiction. At the same time, more than 400 new taxpayers are added every month. She answers hundreds of inquiries every day and answers various tax related questions of taxpayers

I always feel that there are endless questions to be answered, and I am often complained by the other party. Xiao Wang said that not only his workload is heavy, but also the taxpayers feel a lot of inconvenience

it is more convenient to integrate channels to handle tax.

in the information age, relying on a single special service can no longer meet the work needs of the national tax authorities. How to reduce the burden of national taxes and taxpayers at the grass-roots level and promote service innovation are in front of us

on May 15, 2012, the 12366 comprehensive tax service platform of the Municipal State Administration of Taxation (hereinafter referred to as the comprehensive platform) was officially launched in the city. It integrates 12366, Chongqing National Tax Portal and the tax hall, so as to build a comprehensive service platform

according to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal State Administration of Taxation, the comprehensive platform takes the standardization, specialization, informatization and intensification of tax service proposed by the State Administration of taxation as the guiding ideology, integrates intensive service resources, meets the growing needs of taxpayers for service means, service channels and service efficiency, and constructs a new model of tax service to make tax payment easier and more convenient

how are these resources integrated

its core is to integrate the three channels. The three channels are the service channel characterized by voice service, the network service channel with Internet as the carrier, and the mobile service channel with Internet as the carrier

12366 mainly provides consulting services; The network platform is equipped with six functional modules, namely, service guide, tax application, policies and regulations, taxpayer information, 12366 and email push. Among them, the 12366 functional module can provide consultation, complaint and demand services for taxpayers, so as to network 12366; The development of the service software was completed in October 2012. It mainly provides query services characterized by various topics, such as new taxpayers, invoice flow direction query, and small and micro enterprises; It has realized the functions of small-scale taxpayers' value-added tax, zero income tax declaration and pre application on behalf of invoicing. At the same time, it also provides interactive services between taxpayers and national tax departments

the integration of the three channels has transformed the tax service from one-to-one service to one to many and many to many network services

after the official launch of the comprehensive tax service platform, taxpayers can directly understand the tax policies and procedures by dialing 12366 or through the 12366 comprehensive platform. Now the number of consulting questions is significantly reduced. Xiao Wang said that compared with the previous busy consultation, the current extended services have been extended to more taxpayers

the three unified services are more intimate.

after the official launch of the comprehensive platform, it has been highly praised by tax users in various industries. Mr. Gao, a financial officer of an enterprise in Jiangbei District, said that in the past, he had to call 12366 or consult the tax administrator when encountering tax related problems. Now he can go to the office for consultation. Like, they all reply immediately. It is especially suitable for taxpayers who often use computers. They don't have to spare time to do so

we develop and utilize the comprehensive platform, mainly to realize the diversification of tax service methods. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal State Administration of Taxation said

it is understood that the integrated platform mainly provides three types of services, namely, services initiated by taxpayers, interactive services between tax enterprises and services initiated by the state tax department

Services initiated by taxpayers mainly refer to taxpayers' self-service query of policies and regulations, tax procedures, tax related forms, etc. through 12366 self-service voice, Internet and channels

the interactive service between tax and enterprise mainly refers to the taxpayer's consultation and exchange with tax service personnel, leaving messages to solve doubts, and putting forward complaints and suggestions through contacts

the service initiated by the national tax department is mainly that the national tax department regularly updates the relevant tax information of specific taxpayers through Internet channels and informs the taxpayers by email. On the basis of paying attention to the equalization of services, diversified service modes reflect the personalization and pertinence of services

at the same time, adhere to three unifications to realize the specialization of tax service level

first, unify the service content. The core is to uniformly take the 12366 call center tax knowledge base as the business support of the comprehensive platform, and give accurate and authoritative unified tax related guidance to taxpayers throughout the city

secondly, unified service mechanism. The key is to unify the management system of the integrated platform, and conduct unified operation and maintenance of the platform, including manual agent service, network service, 12366 tax knowledge base maintenance, service personnel and service site management, and establish and improve the management system of the integrated platform

it will also damage the fixtures: generally, the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine is only equipped with fixtures for standard samples. Thirdly, the service standards are unified. The focus is on the refinement, supervision and assessment of service quality requirements. According to the standardization requirements, the Municipal Office of SAT organized the preparation of the service process and operation manual of the comprehensive platform, established personnel training, assessment, elimination and other systems, and implemented the regular inspection system of service site and station functions

the comprehensive tax service platform has brought convenience and benefits to taxpayers. However, with the continuous development of informatization, the municipal IRS continues to work hard to create platform highlights

in order to continuously optimize and improve the functions of the comprehensive platform, the Municipal State Administration of Taxation launched eight consecutive tax services:

first, it opened up a point-to-point mailbox push service for key tax source accounts

second, the queuing information query window of the city's tax service hall was opened

thirdly, the 12366 function block will be used to provide the taxpayer with the project. At the same time, the supporting chlorine production unit will be consulted, complained and put forward demands for capacity expansion and transformation

fourth, 162 tax related forms and 328 tax matters were connected accordingly. When a taxpayer inquires about tax matters, the corresponding tax related forms will be provided to the taxpayer through links; When querying tax related forms, the tax matters involved in the forms will also be displayed synchronously

fifth, the demand function of the integrated platform realizes the timely interaction with the tax service demand management information system. The demands put forward by taxpayers on the integrated platform can quickly enter the tax service demand management information system, and the demand acceptance and response can be quickly transmitted to taxpayers through SMS

sixthly, it has opened up a comprehensive platform. Of course, not all interior accessories should meet the above requirements at the same time. New taxpayers' counseling columns should be conducted according to the types of taxpayers and tax hot spots, so as to cultivate and build the brand of new taxpayers' counseling

seventh, on the comprehensive platform, the municipal bureaus focus on common services and the district and county bureaus focus on individual services, with hierarchical management and linkage and collaborative promotion of higher and lower machine costs

VIII. Steadily promote the promotion and application of 12366 tax service integrated platform app software

at the same time, in order to assist the national tax cadres at the grass-roots level to provide standardized and accurate policy answers for taxpayers, help taxpayers accurately understand tax laws and regulations, and guide taxpayers to correctly use the 12366 comprehensive tax service platform, the Municipal State Administration of Taxation launched the 12366 into the grass-roots theme activity. Relying on the 12366 comprehensive tax service platform of the Municipal Bureau, the city level 12366 comprehensive tax service platform has realized the interconnection, interaction and resource sharing with districts and counties, further enhanced the pertinence, interaction and innovation of tax services, enhanced the exchange and interaction between tax enterprises, and promoted the tax service work of the city's national tax system to a new level

according to statistics, in 2013, the annual voice service volume of Chongqing National Tax 12366 tax service integrated platform was 107457, including 75786 manual voice services and 31671 automatic voice services. From the service satisfaction survey results, the satisfaction of 44276 Tongzhong who accepted the satisfaction survey was as high as 98.97%. Among them, 40237 are very satisfied, accounting for 90.88%; The satisfied number was 3581, accounting for 8.09%

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